WAP-Push Provisioning

It’s not easy to provide a good web-based interface for mobile apps. Despite lots of problems with how their mobile service works, I like the provisioning interface for the mobile app.  It’s straightforward and visually well designed.  Here’s the web-based provisioning process for Cingular:

Match1Step 1.  Intro.

Match2Step 2.  Select Carrier.

Match3Step 3.  Select Model.

Receive WAP Push via SMS:
Follow the link to Mobile Match:

Click through to provision:
Enter the following code on the registration page.  Do not continue from this card until after you have submitted the registration form on the web page.


Match4Step 4.  Activation Code.

Match5Step 5.  Complete profile.

Mobile Applications

So how can  we get more people firing up applications on their cell phones?   There are plenty of cell phones out there (138 million among the big 5 as of late last year).   Penetration of color screens is growing by leaps and bounds.

Is it just the cost?  Games or ringtones are cheap, or at least they respectively represent a means to raise status or quench addiction in a way that’s compelling to the youthful side of the audience.

So a cell phone application is too expensive for the value that it brings to a young person.  And it’s just not yet in the forebrain of the average thirties+ consumer.

Another Snowstorm

Another snowstorm, this time I’m better placed, comfortable in the coffee house across the street and blogging by EV-DO.

Took a snow day from work today but stayed online while moving from between the closely spaced bars and cafes here in Manayunk.  Not a bad way to work, but not sure I could keep it up every day.