AOL + MSN = Search Revenue

Collaboration by AOL and MSN on search makes some sense, considering that Yahoo and Google own 90% of the $6-10 billion per year industry. However, is it a good bet to rely on Microsoft’s search technology? This has been MS’s biggest priority for years now, and they’ve apparently spent billions on the problem with very little to show. However, it sure would help AOL out of an unhealthy reliance on Google for search revenue.

Update:Good summary by James Altucher of RealMoney.

Google dominates 36% of the search market, according to the latest report by comScore. Yahoo! clicks in at 30% and MSN at 15%. It’s unclear what part of Google’s 36% is from AOL, but any change in the AOL-Google relationship toward MSN will definitely lead to an evening of the score.

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