Inaccuracy of Carrier Data

This is such a big problem:

Perhaps the most significant challenge is to manage relationships with content owners. In the current climate, almost all wireless carriers “self-report” to each content owner the amount of content that their end-users consumed during a given period and how much money they owe the content owner. The carriers send periodic sales reports and make payments to the content owners based on this self-reporting model.

Many content owners reportedly have voiced dissatisfaction with the inaccuracy and lack of timeliness of the sales reports. Their dissatisfaction is driven largely by the problems that faulty, untimely sales data cause when processed within content owners’ internal systems.

This is a big advantage of BREW, you have a solid system for accounting and metrics. The inaccuracies in reporting from the other major carriers are very serious.

Links to MocoNews and original KPMG article.

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