My next phone: LG VX9800 or Motorola Q

So while I’ve bought half a dozen phones for research and testing in the last year, I’m still carrying an LG VX4500 around for my personal phone. Never was a great phone with regard to antenna or feature set, and it’s now well obsolete.

What’s been holding me back is the lack of a suitable alternative on Verizon, which despite my dislike of their attitude has the best national voice network and the only one with widespread broadband data.

My main criteria is a cool phone that supports EV-DO and has a QWERTY keyboard. I passed on the Samsung i730 due to it’s crippled WiFi (I can’t justify paying a premium for a feature that’s broken) and its old WinMobile OS. The VX6600 also suffers from an old OS and seems to offer nothing compelling in terms of features.

Now Verizon’s offering the LG VX9800. Not sure what OS it’s running, but regardless, at 2″ thick I doubt this is a device I’d want to carry with me.

I’ll probably hold out until Q1 2006 for the Motorola Q. Motorola’s sure got the design thing working for them. And I recently got the lowdown on an internal carrier benchmark test on handset antennas: Motorola came out at the top.

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