My paranoia about hotel keycards may be justified

I have to admit the ‘hoax’ email regarding hotel keycards put me in the habit of cutting my keys, which is kind of a pain when you travel a lot. As this has been a frequent topic of debate with some frequent-flying colleagues, I’ve been planning on buying a cheap card reader to find out myself.

Now a AAA IT guy (from a local office in Wyomissing, PA) has apparently verified that some hotels do record confidential data on the cards. So I’ll continue my cutting ways but w/o the feeling of being a compulsive paranoid.

Posting from TechDirt.

Update: A buddy of mine just said his wife took an identity theft class through the CLE (Continuing Legal Education), and they specifically warned against this type of identity theft.

Definitely sounds like more than a hoax. Now that it’s hit the mainstream press, I’m hoping an army of nerds armed with card readers will prove the issue and document which hotel chains are the violators.

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