Facebook: 5m registered users (and 4.6m return every month)

This Facebook phenomena is out of control. Jeff Clavier captured a panel discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and Jim Breyer.

A couple of reasons for their success:

  • The Facebook is designed to be a directory and set of tools for consumers, rather than a ‘social networking’ app that encourages people to communicate with each other.
  • The Facebook provides safety from ‘stalkers’ by restricting people to their university. This sense of security allows people to share information such as cell phone numbers freely.

Here are the stats:

  • 5M+ registered users
  • coverage of 45% of US colleges
  • 80% penetration among students of colleges that are on the platform
  • 10th most visited Internet site in the US
  • 5.5B page/views a month (230M page/views a day)
  • signing 20,000 new users a day
  • repeat usage: daily 70%, weekly 85%, monthly 93% – can you think of another site that sees 93% of its registered users coming back every month ?

And for reference, from May 2005:

  • Out of 1400 universities in the US, 640 have been launched.
  • In those universities, they have a 50 to 90 percent penetration
  • Total number of registered users: 2.6 million
  • Frequency of visits: 65% of the user base visits the site every day, 95% every month (!!!!)
  • Average number of visits per day: 6
  • Traffic: 3 billion page views from US registered users

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