Free phone-based navigation

From GPS Review:

Emappz has released a beta version of their free (ad-based) GPS navigation software for mobile phones. The software uses the RaveGo Location Platform from Idevio. The RaveGo platform produces rotating maps, 3D views, streaming data transmission, routing, POIs, etc. Data comes from NAVTEQ and covers Western Europe.

Not at all clear to me how an ad model can support a free nav application on mobile phones, unless there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

One thought on “Free phone-based navigation

  1. I’m not exactly sure how they do it, however other similar ad-based systems have displayed an ad in the corner of maps and/or provided “sponsorship” type advertising when searching through the POI database, “sponsored” POIs come up in the results a little higher than they should be based on distance from your current location.


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