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SK Telecom just launched their ‘Image Call’ service, which lets users choose their own personalized image for others to see when they’re calling. Users who have the Samsung SCH-S370 can add custom text, voice and music.

This is Neil Stephenson’s Snowcrash proven prophetic in the market once more. Avatars are a cool concept. They range from Comverse’s Klonies to Vidiator’s 3D Avatars. Avatars fit the same need for differentiation that ring tones provide, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them quickly represent a sizable chunk of the mobile data market.


From Telecoms Korea.

One thought on “Mobile avatars

  1. Hi Matt,

    I couldn’t ignore your enthusiastic attitude towards Avatars in general and Klonies specifically. We, in Comverse Mobile Avatars (AKA Klonies™) firmly believe that avatars personalization services is the next “It” service.
    Klonies™ offer a variety of cool characters to choose from and to personalize either through the handset or a web site. The newly created Klonie then represents the user on friend’s phones when calling them and when sending them an SMS. We’re giving the users the freedom to choose how they’d want to be seen on their friends phone’s and change that image constantly. This is the true essence of Avatars- a digital image that represents oneself.
    How cool and fun is that?!
    If you have any questions you about the Klonies just drop me a line. Will be happy to share ideas.

    Inesa Klainman
    Comverse Mobile Avatars


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