Moore's innovators are under 25

From Mike Rowehl:

Look to the under 25 year old crowd to find out how their form their adhoc collectives. Not that folks over 25 won’t be into it also, but the under 25 crowd tends to use their mobile in a different way and they have some good patterns to replicate. Allow them to share something that’s personal on your site and you might find the kind of grassroots uptake that allows your application or service to spread without carrier support. But first you have to figure out what it is that they really want to do. Not what they say when you ask them, that’s something different. Complement and support their desired mode of interaction and you won’t be able to keep from spreading.

If you look at Moore’s curve for crossing the chasm, it appears that this under 25 crowd are the crucial ‘innovators’. I’m only a decade removed from that generation, but I have no clue how they think. How to step into their minds?


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