Presence across web and mobile

SlashGISRS reports that Locatrix has announced a server for ‘presence’ across instant messaging and mobile phones. While it’s doubtful that Australia-based Locatrix’s GSM server will have an immediate impact on the US market, it provides a glimpse of what’s to come.

Yahoo and MSN are taking the first steps toward universal presence on the PC by providing interoperability, which is scheduled to reach consumers in Q2 2006. And it would be surprising if Microsoft isn’t planning a mobile integration through the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server. Meanwhile, AOL is opening up it’s presence network through a developer program.

This will be huge. It won’t be long before anyone using Facebook or MySpace is going to want to know who’s online and where they are.

Update: MapChat at MidnightCoders achieves location presence using AJAX and Google maps.

Update: Winksite links mobile chat and location. Via Lifeblog.

Update: AOL and MSN to interoperate on IM? And what else?

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