Rebooting an Airbus A320

On the plane home from Web 2.0….

Right after we pulled back from the gate, the pilot announced that they were looking into mechanical trouble. They turned off the engines for a few minutes. Then the engines came back on and the pilot said that everything was fine. He said that a warning indicator had lit up and they had suspected it was due to a computer malfunction. Apparently, the only way to make sure was to turn the engines off and on again and thus reboot the plane’s computer.

A few nervous flyers started looking around and gripped their armrests firmly. It made me laugh, though I was glad that it hadn’t happened in mid-air. Who would have thought that you’d ever need to reboot an airplane?

One thought on “Rebooting an Airbus A320

  1. Wonder if they had to remove the battery while shutting down the engines, like a laptop. Or maybe remove and replace the CMOS battery… ;^)


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