Sprint Power Vision is EV-DO

From Engadget.

So here’s whatcha got:

Their Power Vision Access Pack, the lowest-end service, includes all you-can-eat unlimited EV-DO for $15 a month (and includes streaming news and music)

The Power Vision Plus Pack goes for $20 a month, and includes unlimited imaging (i.e. MMS), and Sprint TV Plus (streaming content from ABC News, Fuel, Fuse, Fox News/Sports, etc.)

The Power Vision Ultimate Pack is $25 a month, and includes all of the above plus yet more channels (including NBC, ESPN, Discover, TLC, etc.).

Update (via TechDirt):

If a user wants to tether their phone to their computer, it’s an additional $25 per month. So a user could get unlimited EV-DO access on their laptop (via their phone) for as little as $40 per month plus voice charges.

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