Ads on MVNO phones

Amp’d Mobile, the Verizon MVNO that’s preparing to launch soon, is going to become a test-case for mobile advertising.

Peter Adderton described his plans to Advertising Age:

– Ads will target 18-to-34 year-olds.
– Ads could take up as much as a quarter to a half of the screen.
– Ads will be five to 10 seconds long.
– Their research found 7 of 10 consumers would watch commercials that affect the cost of mobile phone content “in a heartbeat.”
– Advertisers will sponsor channels, for example an Amp’d Pepsi Channel.
– Amp’d will maintain some editorial control over types of advertising and their content (no Viagra ads).

And in case the ad model doesn’t work, on the subscription side … pornography ‘will be available on the Amp’d phone through a “vaulted” channel, one which requires user identification and a pass code’.

Via MocoNews.

One thought on “Ads on MVNO phones

  1. ESPN has a pretty interesting MVNO marketing test case as well.


    “The ESPN “Sporture Chamber” (www.sporture- features a quiz by ESPN personality Trey Wingo, designed to test visitors’ knowledge of sports and establish the soon-to-be-released Mobile ESPN service as a must-have for rabid sports fans. The site includes a sweepstakes for the top-scoring contestants to win Mobile ESPN handsets and other prizes. Only those faring well at the quiz, and therefore proving themselves worthy of what Wingo calls “the world’s greatest invention ever,” are given Mobile ESPN product details.”


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