Garden walls will fall

MSMobiles reports on a CNET review of Samsung i730 as a top smart-phone. This is the paragraph that catches the eye:

Yes, Samsung i730 has some stability issues with Wi-Fi, works only with CDMA EVDO (no GSM = no Europe) but features super fast 520 MHz processor and using Skype with it is a bliss… [my emphasis]

Clearly a Wi-Fi phone that works well with Skype represents a pretty big threat to carrier voice plans. Especially when you consider the number of homes with Wi-Fi access, and the number of cellular calls made from the home (don’t have this stat handy, but it’s impressive). And with Nokia pushing Wi-Fi devices and developing technology for switching from cellular to Wi-Fi, it’s likely that you will see more carriers accepting this technology, and making a requisite shift in focus to pure communications technology (as opposed to the ownerships of content/media).

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