Google Local Mobile

Today Google launched a J2ME client for local search and maps.

Some initial thoughts…
– Since they’re delivering it via an over-the-top model, Google will receive all future revenue from the service. But the downside is that they alienate the carriers, blocking themselves completely from Verizon and forfeiting active marketing assistance from any other carrier.
– Depending on which mapping vendor they’re using, they’ll be spending anywhere from a lot to a whole lot on data royalty expenses, especially when it includes GPS capability.
– The service crashes my Treo 650. Haven’t tried it yet on other phones.

For articles around the web, try Technorati’s search of ‘authoritative bloggers’.

Update: Good comparison of Google and Yahoo’s mobile approaches at MobHappy. Similarly to how they deal with content providers, Yahoo is partnering with carriers while Google is going around them. One big advantage to Yahoo’s approach is they can create a better user experience through phone compatibility and integrated hardware/software from the handset manufacturers and carriers.

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