Microsoft Mobile's masterstroke

Microsoft Mobile’s successful strategy to get carrier distribution is described in Business 2.0.

Microsoft’s masterstroke was its decision to focus attention on wireless operators when marketing its Windows Mobile platform. By partnering with white-label electronics manufacturers such as HTC, Microsoft presented operators with a means to customize phones exactly to their network specifications, while HTC allowed the carriers to brand their own names on its phones. “We realized there had always been a love-hate relationship between carriers and big phone vendors,” Starkweather says. By letting carriers customize its operating system to fit their needs, Microsoft was able to get a foothold in the wireless industry

This strategy gets the credit for strong quarterly numbers for the mobile and embedded devices division:
– Their revenues grew 50 percent over the prior year, to $75 million.
– They posted a $2 million operating loss, compared with a $29 million loss during the same period in 2004.

Have to give them credit for this. I’m considering buying my first MS mobile phone.

Via Om.

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