More on Wi-Fi cell phones

A few stories today related to Wi-Fi and the carriers.

There’s a Reuters article in ZDNet News about the 3G World Congress this week (via

Nearly every major cell phone and telecommunications equipment maker at the gathering in Hong Kong is either testing a hybrid Wi-Fi service or handset, or has already launched an early model or two ….

Qualcomm, a maker of wireless technology, sees a clear future for handsets that sniff the air for signals, then hook up to the cheapest link, Chief Executive Paul Jacobs

TheWirelessWeblog reports that ‘Next-Gen Handsets Could Feature Up to 10 Radios’ including Wireless LAN, Ultra Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, Cellular, ZigBee, GPS, DVH-H (or some other television variant), Near-field communications, FM, and WiMax.

PocketPCThoughts has some insider knowledge about an upcoming Verizon phone (the Verizon XV6700) which is a converged device. However, according to their source, WiFi is crippled again.

the poster reported that turning on WiFi turned off the phone portion of the device, which sounds like the exact same behavior as the Samsung i730 on Verizon. I guess Verizon is requiring this as a matter of course on all WiFi+phone devices on their network

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