Opinions on Cingular's name change (AT&T!)

Some notable quotes about Cingular’s plan to change its name to AT&T:


What a huge waste


Sometimes, I just wonder what they were thinking.


Simple, huh? How could anyone possibly be confused?

Maybe I’m missing something, but AT&T hasn’t been ranked as a top brand since 2001 (Number 10 in BusinessWeek’s ‘The 100 Top Brands’ in August 6, 2001). Older consumers will remember it, and may even have positive associations with a brand who’s second T stands for telegraph. But the younger generation of mobile phone users will barely remember it. Cingular, by contrast, is known to every living person in the US who has purchased or plans to purchase a mobile phone plan.

It appears that the relationship between SBC and BellSouth is driving this decision. But don’t they realize that building a new brand is very hard and very expensive?



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