Presence and location-routed phone calls

Nerd Vittles provides instructions on how to home-build a system to intelligently route your voice calls by sensing your location using Bluetooth.

when we’re finished, you’ll be able to walk out of your home or office carrying your bluetooth phone or headset and have your Asterisk server automatically transfer your incoming calls to your cellphone. And, when you return carrying your bluetooth phone or headset, Asterisk will automatically cancel the call transfers and reactivate delivery of incoming calls to the designated phones in your home or office.

It doesn’t require a phone, since any Bluetooth device has the requisite MAC address. (Will you need to wear your bluetooth headset and look like a Nerd to make this work? Not at all. Just turn it on, stuff it in your pocket, and call it a key.)

First of all, I want one of these for my own life. But it also raises some interesting possibilities of designing intelligence in systems that utilize Bluetooth, which is becoming a fairly widespread technology after 5+ years of slow adoption. And while Bluetooth marketing (aka blue-spamming) from advertisers will be one utilization, I think it’s more interesting to consider the implications of allowing computers throughout your life to customize their behavior depending on your presence.

Reminds me of a great quote from Bran Ferren at Web 2.0 conference: “the infrared urinal in the men’s rooms has a greater sense of context than the typical personal computer” (blogged here). So true.

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