Can't wait for those 4G phones

In an interview with CNET, Michael Mayer talks about the next generation of chips built for a 4G world:

Speaking of growth, talk about your acquisition of CommASIC. How will it help with your future wireless designs?

Mayer: It was important for us to acquire the capacity to include low-power wireless LAN in our designs because increasingly, mobile phones are going to be multimode devices. I mean, 4G (fourth-generation wireless) is really going to be full multimode. You’ll be able to switch between your network, your carrier, Wi-Fi, voice over IP, Bluetooth–whatever. To prepare for that, we needed to have a low-power Wi-Fi implementation.

This is the best definition for one of the G’s that I’ve seen. It’s not about a single technology or set of technologies, but rather the ability to roam between competing broadband services.

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