Yahoo and FIOS

Apparently, Verizon is laying FIOS fiber down in Newton, MA which is just a few miles from where I live. Their cheapest package is 5 Mbits for $35/mo and it goes up to 30 Mbits for $180/mo (downstream).

Yahoo! just announced that they want to get in on the FIOS action, and establish themselves as the first truly broadband content provider. However, their offering doesn’t sound very impressive. You get access to music videos and streaming music, and 11 email accounts with 2GB storage each and 100 MB of ‘e-file storage’, which wouldn’t suffice for online storage if you’re pushing FIOS-sized files up and down.

Meanwhile, Blinkx has been building out a truly innovative broadband video portal. I think they’ve got the best video interface out there, it allows you to mouse-over a video thumbnail to watch the video. The latency from mouse-over to video streaming isn’t great with my up-to-3-Mbits Comcast cable modem, but it’s still a great service. And if only I had FIOS.


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