Yahoo! Go!

While an interesting idea, Yahoo!’s new Yahoo! Go service is too early. The premise is an ubiquitous platform across the PC, TV, and mobile.

Yahoo! Go allows you to access the information and content that is important to you on whatever device you choose.

The TV and PC portions don’t exist yet (‘coming soon’). And the mobile portion of the strategy is unworkable in the current carrier environment. The service only runs on Nokia’s on Cingular and it has hefty system requirements of 2 MB internal memory and 8 MB on a separate memory card. (It’s interesting how Nokia has taken the leadership for ‘open’ phones in the US, no doubt to counteract the low-end segment in which they’ve been pigeonholed.)

For more info, Mike Rowehl is blogging about it.

Eventually, all the major portals will offer interactive clients on the phone, but not until things open up a bit more.

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