Broadband Shenanigans

It appears that Boston is becoming a battle-ground for broadband…

Dirty Tricks in FIOS-TV Land?
An interesting police report from Woburn
Posted on 2006-02-24 11:17:12
User Vonslatt sends in an interesting police report from Woburn, Massachusetts that details just how heated the competition between Verizon and some cable operators may be.
3 p.m., a Pierce Promotions employee working on behalf of Verizon reported someone stole literature he was leaving on doorsteps in the Fulton Street neighborhood. While leaving the pamphlets, the Verizon employee reported a man in a black car approached him and asked for one of the pamphlets. The Verizon employee noticed a stack of the pamphlets already in the man’s back seat. He returned to Fulton Street and discovered all the pamphlets he had left were taken. When he approached a house, he was told that the man in the black car was an RCN employee.

Ironic that Verizon, the aspiring monopolist with regards to cellular, is at the same time an under-dog disrupter in the broadband industry.

From DLS Reports via Jupiter’s Joseph Laszlo.

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