Ivan Seidenberg Gets It

“The new Internet revolution will be characterized by 100 megabit speeds, two-way capabilities, and broadband-anywhere mobility. It will be delivered by an increasingly diverse range of technologies – fiber, EV-DO, cable, Wi-Fi, WiMAX – from a wide range of providers. It will create opportunities for entrepreneurs, drive the next generation of consumer electronics and provide new creative outlets for content and applications,” he said.

So says Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg.

I believe that the folks at the top of all the carriers get it. It’s just too much money is being made short-term by locking things down. Hopefully T-Mobile Wi-Fi handsets and MVNOs will shake things a little more open in the next year.

Via Wireless Week.

Boston Mobile Monday

Boston Mobile Mondays are coming to town! It seems long overdue for the Boston area, and since we started organizing we’re connecting with more and more people who had been thinking about getting one going in Boston.

If you’re not familiar with Mobile Mondays, it’s a concept that started in Helsinki and was popularized in the States by the Silicon Valley group and Russell Beattie.

The Boston group started with Alessandro’s single blog post about Mobile Monday, through which a few of us connected in the blog comments.

We’re mobilizing the first Boston Mobile Monday for April 3rd at 7pm. We have a couple of speakers lined up and should have a space in the next few days.

If anyone’s interested in attending or getting involved, check out the web site, join the mailing list, and please RSVP if you are planning to attend.

WHERE Photo Widget

We’ve just launched a new WHERE Photo Slideshow. I’ve pasted a slideshow of some of my pictures below:

We’re still testing, but initial feedback is good. There’re already quite a few of them on MySpace profile pages. If you’d like one for yourself, just upload some pictures to where.com, then go to your profile page to find the cut-and-paste text.

mobility experts vs the consumer

Imagine this, research reveals that mobility experts have different opinions of what consumers want than the consumers themselves.

RBC Capital Markets polled 100 mobility experts and conducted a survey of 1,001 consumers…

Experts thought:
63% believed consumers want to watch TV/movies on their mobile phones
72% believed that consumers would tolerate advertising on their cell phones

Consumers say:
23% of consumers expressed an interest in watching TV or Movies on their mobile phones
20% of consumers said they would tolerate advertising

It’s really not that hard. Listen to your consumers, they will tell you what to build.

Via Om.