Ivan Seidenberg Gets It

“The new Internet revolution will be characterized by 100 megabit speeds, two-way capabilities, and broadband-anywhere mobility. It will be delivered by an increasingly diverse range of technologies – fiber, EV-DO, cable, Wi-Fi, WiMAX – from a wide range of providers. It will create opportunities for entrepreneurs, drive the next generation of consumer electronics and provide new creative outlets for content and applications,” he said.

So says Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg.

I believe that the folks at the top of all the carriers get it. It’s just too much money is being made short-term by locking things down. Hopefully T-Mobile Wi-Fi handsets and MVNOs will shake things a little more open in the next year.

Via Wireless Week.

One thought on “Ivan Seidenberg Gets It

  1. Ivan has not enhanced the base value of the Common Stock in over 2 years. Yet Ivan continues to get a vote of confidence from the board of directors.
    It’s time for Ivan to be compensated on the preformance of VERIZON STOCK. VERIZON is rewarding IVAN and his staff on “houses passed” as Verizon builds the network of the futur3 ….. Ivan should be giving money back for this lack luster performance.
    This is the worst management team in telecommunication history and the value of the stock reflects this.


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