Foo Camp

Back from O’Reilly Foo Camp via last night’s redeye.

Foo was fun. Foo Camp means literally camping and there were tents in the hallways and in the orchard behind the O’Reilly Sevastapol campus. I felt like I fit in right away, perhaps due to the fact that 2 out of 3 laptop users had Macs. Apparently, that’s a big shift from a few years ago when ThinkPads dominated, could be a good indicator of future improvements in Apple’s market share.

Highlights: the Make hardware lab, discussion with the founders of, Flickr, and Digg and discuss on why all existing web metrics services suck, Paul Graham on who he funds and why, sessions on mobile local social software and instant messaging, meeting people at the top of their fields in robotics, gaming, management theory, satellite software, and fields I never knew existed.

There was a general consensus of thought with regard to the mobile industry: carriers are the enemy. Unsurprisingly there’s a thread of anarchy in the foo community.

Not much sleep was involved as the drinks were flowing freely after hours. I’m looking forward to a regular schedule for a couple of weeks and some time outside of airplanes.

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