Time and the Boston Globe on GPS

Two articles came out in the last few days about GPS.

First up is a Time Magazine story by Anita Hamilton called the ‘Wireless Street Fight’. The article focuses on social networking apps and leads with the Helio Buddy Beacon (a uLocate product).

Then this morning Carolyn Johnson of the Boston Globe had an article specifically about GPS. In addition to nav, it covers some creative uses for GPS such as dog collars, running shoes, and the WII.

I don’t know what these numbers are based on, but everyone’s citing ABI Research’s estimates of 52 million subs (Boston Globe) and $13 billion revenue (Time Magazine) by 2011.

And it seems the term ‘GPS’ has shed it’s arcane past and is moving into mainstream usage. No longer do we need to stumble over ‘Location Based Services’, ‘Geographic Information Systems’, or ‘it’s like MapQuest’ to explain what we do.

Time Magazine even proposes a new product term called ‘GPS gizmos’. I’m personally hoping people will like ‘GPS Widgets’ more.

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