Nokia N95 (vs iPhone vs Google Phone vs RAZR2)

Recently our slow moving mobile industry has gotten a jolt of energy.  Four heavyweights are innovating in the mobile phone industry, two newcomers versus two incumbents.

The aspiring innovators try to shake things up… 

Apple picked a forward-thinking US carrier and struck an exclusive deal for the iPhone.  They created a device with great appeal, bundled it with music/video sales, and are now expanding with a compatible set of non-Phone iPods.  They’ve made everyone realize that the mobile browser is now, not someday in the future.

Google is (apparently) developing a package of OS and services for the mobile phone that will excel in search and location and a suite of Google services.  Most likely they’ll get their software on manufacturer’s devices, and deliver it with the carrier’s blessing or at least lack of opposition.  Meanwhile, they’ll use spectrum sales to try to force open the US market.

But the traditional OEMs are innovating too…

Motorola has launched a mainstream device with the RAZR2, named after their blockbuster but with a bigger screen and much nicer interface.  They aren’t worrying about exclusivity, instead launching on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.  There’ve been a few firmware glitches but otherwise it’s probably the nicest non-smartphone on the market.

Nokia isn’t resting easy on 40% global market share, but is pushing services through the ‘door’ (ovi).  And they’ve recently delivered a very nice device, the N95, which does a little bit of everything.  Today was the launch of the 3G version of the Nokia N95

When I tried the first generation N95 this past spring, my reaction was that it’s a rather bulky device.  However, the most you use it, the more impressive are the 5MB camera, large screen, and built in maps.  And somewhat amazingly, it contains the ability to communicate using 7 different networks.  How do they fit them all in?

Quadband cellular:
Fast (3G):  HSDPA 850/1900 MHz
Slow:  GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Stereo FM radio:
87.5-108MHz /76-90MHz

802.11 b/g

Stereo FM radio:
87.5-108MHz /76-90MHz



Cool stuff.  And as of today, you can get a WHERE version for the N95 through the WHERE Developer Program.

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