Motorola does not need a hit phone

Nice post by James Pearce today at Moconews where he rebuts the conventional wisdom that Motorola’s dismal numbers have been due to the lack of another hit phone like the RAZR…

The New York Times claims:
"In Hollywood, it does not take long for the pundits to start grumbling when a studio has a string of flops. Nowadays, things are no different for the cellphone business, which, like the film industry, is a hit-driven pursuit."

James reponds:
"It was exactly this thinking that got Motorola into trouble in the first place, because the mobile handset business is not hit-driven. Motorola had a mega-hit with the Razr but that was a one-off aberration, like the Crazy Frog … Nokia (NYSE: NOK) had sold about 4 million of its "hit" phone, the N95, by the end of the third quarter last year, so you can add a couple of million to that to the end of 2007 if you want to…but compare that to the 437 million handsets Nokia sold in 2007."

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