Wireless carrier financial results

Here are US carrier financial reports on wireless revenue, subscribers, churn, and ARPU.  The numbers were collected by GigaOm but I re-sorted to show a side by side comparison.

No big surprises here.  AT&T and Verizon are fairly evenly matched in market share, though AT&T is acquiring new subs faster.  Sprint continues to fail.  T-Mobile growing nicely, but remains the underdog.  Annoyingly each carrier reports prepaid/postpaid differently, so it's a hard to compare churn and ARPU.

Will be very interesting to see how the recession impacts these numbers.  Will prepaid gain rapidly resulting in a lower ARPU?  What impact will flat rate voice/data plans have?

Wireless revenue:
AT&T    $11.5 billion
Verizon    $11.1 billion
Sprint    $6.56 billion
T-Mobile    $4.9 billion

Wireless income:
AT&T    $2.7 billion
Verizon    $3.57 billion
Sprint    (loss of $1.28 billion)
T-Mobile    $.483 billion

Data revenue:
AT&T    $3.1 billion
Verizon    $3.2 billion
Sprint    N/A
T-Mobile    $.9 billion

Total subscribers:
AT&T    77 million
Verizon    72.1 million
Sprint    49.3 million
T-Mobile    32.8 million

Subscriber additions:
AT&T    800k prepaid / 1.3 million postpaid
Verizon    1.2 million prepaid and postpaid
Sprint    (loss of 314k prepaid and 1.1 million postpaid)
T-Mobile    355k prepaid / 266k postpaid

AT&T    postpaid 1.2% / prepaid N/A
Verizon    1.35% blended / postpaid 1.05%
Sprint    postpaid 2.16% / prepaid 8.2%
T-Mobile    3.3% blended

AT&T    postpaid $59.59 / prepaid N/A
Verizon    $51.72 blended
Sprint    postpaid $56  / prepaid $30
T-Mobile    postpaid $54 / prepaid $23

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