Number of iPhone subscribers is 6.4 million

Some good stats on iPhone from Nielson.  They don't seem to mention the source, so I guess it could be either surveys or Telephia bill-scraping.

Here are the numbers:

As of April 2009, the number of iPhone users in the U.S. was 6.4 million (up from 2.1 million a year prior).

Forty-percent of iPhone subscribers have household incomes of $100,000 or more, compared with 19% for all subscribers.

Age ranges of iPhone subscribers:
13-17  5%
18-24 13%
25-34 29%
35-54 36%
55+ 17%

And they report that 75% of iPhone subscribers download apps.

That last number is surprising.  Does that mean the other 25% don't have iTunes accounts?  Are they not interested in apps?  Or are do they have jailbroken devices?

Update:  I forgot to mention the iPod Touch.  AdMob estimates that there were 22.5 million iPhone and iPod Touch devices in the US (75% of 30 million) in March 2009.  If both Neilson and Admob are correct (and you disregard the 3 month time gap), that would mean 16.1 million iPod Touch devices in the US.

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