New Year's Resolution for 2011 – Write

I've been full of resolutions lately.  It all started with Leo Babauta's ZenHabits and his simple advice to set achievable goals that aren't too ambitious.  In the past, I set the bar too high and then gave up if I didn't immediately make progress.  Now I try to pick something each month that's so small I can't easily fail.

So in October, I started by organizing one piece of paperwork before my morning cup of coffee, and now I'm on top of my finances.  In November, I started doing 20 minutes of exercise every morning, and now I'm addicted to it.  In December, I decreased by email to-do list a bit each day, and now I'm responding faster to new email.

So I'm here celebrating the New Year in snowy Japan and it's time to choose a new habit.  I've thought a lot about it and decided to focus on writing.  I've always been a voracious content consumer — now it's time to spend time and energy on producing content.  It's also time for this introvert to be more public and open about things I do.

Here's what I plan to write:

I'll post on my brand spanking new site GoodScreens mobile development which covers tools and sdk's for building mobile apps and mobile websites.  My motive for Goodscreens is to help me stay current on mobile technologies, share information that might be useful to others, and simultaneously test techniques for content-generation and lead-generation for my legal startup (which is another story I will be telling soon).

I'll continue to post on this old blog on random esoteric and philosophic topics like paleontology, life origins, economics, cell biology, ancient and modern history, south pacific sailing, brain neuro-imaging, art, astrophysics, business theory, and perhaps a little self-help for good measure.  Not sure if anyone will read, but I'll enjoy writing it.

I'm finally getting my social networking profiles up to date.  I'll focus Facebook on messages/photos for family, friends, and the occasional random stranger who views my profile.  I've given up on Facebook privacy (why would anyone trust Zuckerberg?), so this will be a filtered personal stream.

Twitter will become my aggregated log of the content I produce across the web.

I also hope to write some guest posts on other blogs and plan to do much more commenting across the internets.

I'm giving up on Typepad and Posterous for this blog.  Typepad is dead and Posterous seems to offer no advantages for anyone who knows WordPress.   Haven't decided on the replacement yet.  Tumblr looks fun, but I feel too old.

Anyway, back to my sake and sushi and some quality time with wife and family.  I'm cheating a bit with this New Year's post, it's actually January 2nd across the date line.  Here's to making the most of the new year, and living fully in this brief life we get.

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